What is MQL?
MQL stands for “Minimum Quantity Lubrication”.
Why MQL?
MQL systems provide many benefits to users such as efficiency, high surface quality, human and environmental health.
MQL benefits on productivity:
As it is known, one of the most important issues in the processing of metal or non-metal materials is to prevent overheating of cutting tools. The heat released as a result of friction forces has negative effects on the tool and causes a decrease in its total service life. MQL systems will prevent the tool from overheating in the most economical and efficient way compared to other systems. Since the lubricant acts directly on the desired point, it provides more efficient cooling. When we compare process numbers with conventional systems; MQL systems achieve higher numbers in the same time period. Additionally, MQL systems increase tool life by up to 40-70 percent.
Advantages of MQL on product quality:
MQL systems operate with a combination of oil and compressed air. The lubricant is delivered to the desired point with compressed air through a special transfer hose. In this case, compressed air not only works to transport the lubricant, but also removes chips from the material. Therefore, it provides cleaner and smoother surface quality.
Advantages of MQL on human and environmental health:
Plant-based oils that are completely harmless to human and environmental health are used in MQL systems. It was developed to apply lubricants in minimum quantities as required. Therefore, once applied, the lubricant disappears and leaves no visible residue.