Werte Band Saw Technical Information Number of Teeth (TPI) The number of teeth is defined as the amount of teeth per inch. The number of teeth depends on the outer dimension that the saw contacts during cutting in solid materials, and on both the outer dimension and wall thickness in pipe or profile types. Fixed Tooth Pitch This tooth spacing has a fixed distance from tooth to tooth. These models, which are generally preferred for cutting aluminum, plastic and pallets, have a very low usage rate today. Combi Tooth Range The number of teeth per inch in the combined tooth range, which is referred to as variable tooth structure, varies per inch. Vibration occurring during cutting is at a minimum level. cutting fluid The composition of the cutting fluid is as important as other cutting values. In addition to cooling the strip, cutting fluid also serves to remove chips from the teeth: • High quality cooling fluids must be used • The cutting fluid content (concentration) must be suitable for the material to be cut • It must be ensured that it fully penetrates the cutting point.