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Band Saws

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Lubrication Systems

Micro and Central 
name of systems

HSS Circular Saws

Various diameters and connection sizes, low
high alloy from alloy materials
It provides widespread use up to steels.

Cutting Fluids

sawing machines 
and cutting lines

Diamond Circular Saws

For fast cutting CNC machines
high accuracy
perfect cuts.

Industrial Knives

Standard and special production
disc blades
local solution


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20 years of industry experience, millions of materials cut.

Smart Solutions provide perfect cuts. For the correct cutting process, evaluate the material, machine, saw, oil and parameters with our experts and start the smoothest cutting process immediately. We have a great team working to support you throughout your entire cutting process.

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From the quality of our products to the knowledge of our experts, quality is our cornerstone. The perfect after-sales support we provide to our customers is the strength that makes us who we are.

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Production starts with Cutting. We know that your team does a lot with little resources. Focus your energy on your flawlessly functioning business while our experts develop quality products, easy-to-use tips, cutting tips and customized solutions for you. We are not trying to teach you your job, we are trying to make you more productive.


Attaching the Band Saw to the Bench and Practice Instructions

Band saws are structurally composed of spring steel body and 67-68 HRc hardness M42 (1.3247) or 70 HRc hardness M51 high speed steel (Bimetal structure). Unless training is done on such a hard cutting edge, the band Blunting and smearing occur in a short period of time, total cutting amounts decrease, and problems may occur with the desired surface quality or measurement tolerances.


Micro Lubrication Systems Maintenance and Usage Instructions

Micro lubrication systems are automatic systems that operate on the principle of minimum amount of oil spraying, used to meet the precise and continuous lubrication needs of industrial machines or equipment. These systems use cutting fluid to provide minimum lubrication to sensitive points at regular intervals or as needed. Here are some tips on micro lubrication systems!