DKN 40

Thanks to its digital control card, Werte DKN 40 can be used in environments where people work for longer periods of time and where frequent time adjustments are not required.


Thanks to the digital control card, time adjustment is achieved perfectly.


Thanks to the 4 liter tank, it does not require constant oil filling.


Optionally, sensor output is taken from the card and the movement of the system can be made from the sensor.


With the addition of a pump, output can be obtained to operate simultaneously at up to 5 points.


• Operating Voltage: 24V AC/DC
• Working Pressure: 4 – 6 Bar
• Oil Amount Min: 0.0012 ml
• Oil Amount Max: 0.028 ml
• Lubrication Interval: 0.1sec – 90 hours
• Lubrication Time: 0.1sec – 60sec
• Reservoir: 4.0lt
• Viscosity Range: 2 – 30cst