DKN 40

Werte DKN 40 is used to pump equal amounts of oil to one or more lubrication points such as linear slide, friction slide, bearing and seal in applications requiring lubrication by motor and gear transmission method, thanks to progressive distributors.


With its 4lt hopper capacity and 90 watt motor power, it can reach 60 bar power.


• Operating Voltage: 230V AC
• Working Pressure: 2 – 60 Bar
• Oil Output Amount: 100cc/min.
• Lubrication Interval: 0.1sec – 90hours
• Lubrication Time: 0.1sec – 60sec
• Reservoir: 4.0lt
• Viscosity Range: 50 – 260cst
• Liquid Grease Viscosity Range: NLGI 000-00