circular saws

What is an HSS Circular Saw?

HSS is the abbreviation of the English definition of High Speed Steel. As the name suggests, these types of saw blades are designed to cut at high temperatures and speeds. HSS saw blades are used in machines with integrated cooling water.

“Cold saw” After cutting with the HSS circular saw blade, both the cut metal material and the blades remain cold.

The popularity of HSS saw blades is increasing thanks to technological advances in grinding machines. The cost per cut is low with these types of knives.

What are the Features of HSS Circular Saw Blade?

It contains certain proportions of elements such as Carbon, Tungsten, Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium. The cutting temperature is too high. There is no significant decrease in hardness even when the temperature exceeds 600 °C. The cutting speed can reach more than 60 meters per minute. The technical reasons why this knife is called "high speed" can be summarized as follows.

Where to Use HSS Circular Saw Blades

Materials of many forms and sizes such as tubes, pipes, sheets, plates and bars can be cut with the HSS circular saw. Metal materials such as carbon steels, thin-walled steel pipes, profiles and non-alloy steels can be cut using these blades.

Materials to be Cut According to Tooth Forms on HSS Circular Saws

Different performances are achieved with HSS saws with different tooth forms. In order to make production efficient and reduce costs, it is necessary to select the correct tooth forms suitable for the material.

Thread Form “A” & “AW”

It has a tooth pitch of up to approximately 3mm. Suitable for brass material cutting. Tooth form “A” allows grooving. Teeth in the “AW” form are alternatively beveled.

Tooth Form “B” & “BW”

It is suitable for cutting profiles and pipes made of non-ferrous metals and steel. Thread Form “B” is specialized for very thin-walled pipes and profiles. When it is “BW”, the teeth are inclined alternatively.

Tooth Form “HZ”

This tooth form is also known as the “C” form. In this form, the teeth are ground according to the cutting and finishing system. Suitable for cutting solid materials.

Tooth Form “CB”

This form is most effective in pipe and profile cutting. It has the feature of minimizing burr formation at high cutting speeds. It requires a powerful engine to provide high speed. When operating at high speed, the walls of the pipes should not be too thin.

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