HSS Circular sawsIt is designed for long-lasting use. You can help preserve the life of your saw and improve cutting quality by performing regular maintenance.

Points to Consider in HSS Circular Saw Maintenance

  1. Saw blades should not be exposed to excessive moisture and moisture.
  2. Saw blades should be kept clean. Accumulated dust, liquid and other debris can dull the blades and cause friction.
  3. Saw blades should never be cleaned with a wire brush. You can use a nylon brush.
  4. The saw should be used at the speed appropriate for its purpose and in accordance with the instructions.
  5. The HSS circular saw must be used on the appropriate workpiece.
  6. HSS circular saws must be used with appropriate coolant.

Maintenance Tips

1. Clean the saw blade regularly

After each use, metal chips and dust remaining on the saw blade should be cleaned with a brush and compressed air. Blade cleaner products can be used to prevent tar formation. You must make sure that the plug is unplugged before cleaning. Dirt on the saw's handles can become slippery and cause the tool to slip from your hand. Therefore, you can wipe every part of the tool with the help of a damp cloth.

2. Check saw blade alignment

Misaligned saw blade can damage both the motor and itself. Additionally, the cuts are not equal. Therefore the alignment needs to be checked regularly.

3. Lubricate moving parts

Moving parts of the HSS circular saw, such as gears, shafts and bearings, must be properly lubricated. The lubricant type and recommended lubrication frequency recommended in the saw's user manual should be applied. It should be noted that dirt may accumulate on the parts due to excessive lubrication.

4. Check the power cord and brushes

The power cable should be checked for any damage, and if there is damage, the cable should be replaced. The brushes on the circular saw motor also need to be replaced regularly.

5. Store the saw properly

Proper storage of the saw when it is not in use is an important detail that affects the life of the device. When not used for a long time, it should be covered to protect it from dust and stored in a dry and moisture-free environment.

6. Check the teeth

As the circular saw blades become dull, the machine requires more force, which means more friction and heating. Therefore, saw teeth should be checked before use, and if dull, they should be sharpened or replaced. Sharpening can be done with the help of diamond tipped files.

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