It is very important to perform periodic preventive maintenance of band saws used to cut metals such as stainless steel, pipes and structural steels. You will extend the life of your band saws by maintaining them without interrupting their maintenance, thus preventing premature replacement. Maintaining band saw applications will also ensure that these equipment operate with high efficiency by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

band saw machine Maintenance is divided into four parts: daily, weekly, 6 months and annually.

Band Saw Machine Daily Maintenance

Before daily use, the saw is checked for any visible damage or wear. Cutting fluid and oil levels are checked to prevent the blade from overheating during the cutting process. The teeth of the blade are cleaned. Material residues on the machine are removed. The tension of the blade is checked. It should be noted that if the tension is too high or too low, the saw will be damaged. Blade guides are checked. Because your blade may break due to worn guides.

Weekly Maintenance of Band Saw Machine

In order not to disrupt the maintenance routine, a certain day of the week is determined as the maintenance day. band saw machines During weekly maintenance, first the minimum and maximum speed is checked and calibration is performed if necessary. The machine and blades are cleaned. Remove dust from the machine with the help of a clean cloth. If there are worn parts, they are replaced, and if necessary, belts are replaced. If daily maintenance is done regularly, weekly maintenance will be completed in a short time.

Band Saw Machine 6 Months Maintenance

This maintenance, performed twice a year, can be considered as an adjustment that extends the life of the saw. To do this, first the wheel bearings are checked and replaced if necessary. The hydraulic system is checked. Filters are replaced. Blade guide settings are checked. All parts such as vise, belt, band guide are reviewed. Blades are replaced. When placing a new blade, the guide booklet must be read and the compliance with the standards must be checked.

Band Saw Machine Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance is an adjustment like 6-monthly maintenance. For annual maintenance, the hydraulic fluid tank is first emptied and filled with new fluid. The liquid filter and strainer are cleaned. Transmission oil is changed.

To ensure you carry out the maintenance we have outlined above, you should keep a maintenance schedule and note maintenance dates and problems. For example, noting the date you changed the blade will allow you to monitor both the performance of the machine and the life expectancy of the new part.

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