band saw machine It needs to be maintained regularly to extend its life, prevent premature replacement of parts, and ensure more efficient and higher quality cutting. Preventive maintenance also prevents unexpected malfunctions from occurring.

In order not to disrupt the maintenance of the machine, you can separate the operations that need to be done daily, weekly and semi-annually; You can make it easier to keep track by turning it into a chart.

It is an important step to start daily work by checking the machine. It can make your job easier to carry out the necessary maintenance, repairs and cleaning by following a checklist consisting of the following questions before starting work every day.

  • Is there any damage or wear on any part of the band saw machine?
  • Are there any scratches or dents on the band saw?
  • Is the lubricant and cutting fluid level sufficient?
  • Are the blade teeth clean?
  • Are there any burrs or metal debris around the machine?
  • Is the blade tension appropriate?
  • Are the blade guides worn?
  • Is the belt wheel alignment correct?
  • Is there a problem with the hydraulic system?

You can set a fixed day for weekly maintenance and perform the following maintenance weekly.

  • Minimum and maximum belt speed evaluation, calibration if necessary
  • Cleaning the machine and blades, dusting the machine
  • Replacing worn parts

Band saw machines, which are regularly maintained daily and weekly, require more comprehensive maintenance every six months. For this, you should set a calendar for yourself. What can be checked every six months?

  • Belt wheel bearing condition evaluation
  • Hydraulic filter replacement
  • Blade guide adjustment
  • Control of vises and belts
  • Saw blade replacement if necessary
  • Transmission oil change
  • Cleaning the liquid filter and strainer
  • Hydraulic fluid tank cleaning and fluid replacement

Maintenance performed with the help of systematic checklists as summarized above prevents possible malfunctions in the band saw and increases cutting quality and efficiency. Recording maintenance dates and parts replacement dates allows the user to monitor the performance of the machine more closely and helps predict issues such as parts replacement.

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