Blades with different features are used in many sectors such as food processing, rubber, metallurgy, plastic and paper. These tools, also called “machine knives”, are generally described as “industrial knives”. Depending on the sector, many specific jobs such as cutting, drilling, slicing and notching can be done with these knives. industrial knives It is made of carbon steel, stainless steel, tungsten, solid ceramics and their alloys.

Making the right choice is very important to achieve the best possible performance at the least cost in different sectors. On this basis, the most commonly used types of knives are:

Circular Saw Blades

Circular saw blades are widely used in industrial applications for their versatility. These blades are particularly suitable for cutting heated or semi-heated metal blocks. These blades are also used in cutting paper, rubber, cardboard, insulation materials, cables and foils, in the manufacturing industry, printing industry, food and light industry. These knives, produced from different materials, are designed as durable machine knives. The performance of these electrically operated knives is closely related to the type of material they are produced from.

Circular Slicing Blades

this type industrial knives Their feature is that their edges are sharp and toothless, and they have a low cutting angle. As the name suggests, they are used for slitting. They are widely used in cutting paper, film and foil.

Serrated Blades

These types of industrial knives, which have different teeth such as V-cut profile, serrated and perforated, are used in a back and forth motion. They are optimized for cutting textured industrial materials such as rope, fabric, belts, as well as tires, rubber, food processing.

Three Hole Industrial Knives

It is a type of knife that stands out with its high performance, thanks to its production of less waste and less tension in the steel. Produced in a wide range of thicknesses and from different materials such as steel and carbide, these blades are used for cutting many different materials, especially aluminum, plastic foil, non-woven surfaces and paper products.

Fiberglass Blades

Hard and brittle glass fiber, used in many industrial sectors such as aviation, automotive, boat building, bathroom accessories making, is a material with a risk of fragmentation and crumbling. For this purpose, industrial blades made of special high carbon steel or carbide are used.

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