In automatic lubrication systems, oil goes from the oil tank to the pump, and the oil is pressurized in the pump. In the next stage, oil is delivered to the lubrication points through pipes and hoses. At this point, the moving parts of the saw are lubricated by spraying.

Automatic lubrication systems in cutting saws have two different working principles. In conventional systems, oil is sprayed directly to the relevant points. In MQL systems, oil is sprayed using compressed air.

Automatic lubrication systems consist of a pump, measuring device, control unit and a pipe or hose connecting it to the lubrication point. You can choose from pump types of different sizes and pressures according to your needs. Sensitivity such as flow distance, pressure and lubrication time are provided with the measuring device in the system. Thanks to the control unit, monitoring options such as low oil notification and high pressure are monitored.

Automatic lubrication systems are an effective way to increase the efficiency of machines. Thanks to these systems, an appropriate amount of lubrication is delivered to the lubrication point at the right time intervals. As a result of the process, friction and wear on the saws are reduced to a minimum, and the service life of the machine is optimized.

How to Choose an Automatic Lubrication System?

An automatic lubrication system should be selected by taking into account criteria such as the type of power supply, the number of lubrication points, the length of the lubrication line, the type of oil to be used, and what kind of feedback is desired.

Automatic lubrication systems are available in single-line resistive, single-line parallel or series-stage models. The features of each vary. For example, single-line resistive automatic lubricators work smoothly for small-medium sized machines to be used in narrow spaces. These machines, also known as perforated measuring systems in automatic lubricators, are very practical to install and use. It is an automatic lubrication system suitable for saws and cutting machines. Single-line parallel systems are suitable for multi-axis machine tools.

In circular saw machines, cutting is done with the help of circular saw blades rotating at very high speed. During this movement, friction and overheating may occur between parts, resulting in damage to the machine and the workpiece.

To reduce this heat generated and maintain the integrity of the relevant components, it is recommended to install “air-oil” automatic lubrication systems on circular saws.

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