cutting fluid, It is used in metal cutting machines. Cutting fluid has an important function during the process. The term "coolant" can also be used in the market for different types of cutting fluids. The main functions of these fluids are to prevent the heat generated when using the cutting machine and to reduce the friction between the cutter and the material.

During the metal cutting process, friction occurs that produces a lot of energy. If precautions are not taken for the released energy, it may damage both the machine and the workpiece to be cut. This is exactly where the importance of cutting fluids emerges.

Cutting fluid has four main functions:

  • Lubrication
  • Cooling
  • Corrosion (oxidation, wear, rust) control
  • Trimming

Cutting fluids are also important as they extend the life of both cutting tools and the cutting machine.
When choosing a cutting fluid, it is necessary to take into account the speed of the machine, the type of material to be cut and the type of cutting.

How to Apply Cutting Fluid?

There are three different methods of applying cutting fluid.

Pressure spraying: In this method, cutting fluid is sprayed at high speed and pressure onto the part to be cut and the cutting machine. It is a simple and economical method. In this method, cutting fluid consumption may be slightly higher than in others. Cleaning after the procedure requires more attention than other methods. Suitable for large and complex workpieces.

Fogging: In this method, the cutting fluid is mixed with a gas. Then it is sprayed onto the workpiece and cutting tool. Fogging ensures that the liquid is evenly distributed in small drops. This application may be a little more complex and expensive than others.

Jet Application: In this method, the cutting fluid can be gas or liquid. It is applied with the help of a high pressure jet. The liquid also serves a cleaning function.

What are the Types of Cutting Fluids?

Synthetic: It is oil-free. It is used in materials containing iron.

Semi Synthetic: It is used on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials for lubrication, corrosion and contamination tolerance.

Water Soluble: It gives best results on non-ferrous materials.
It is important to use cutting fluids due to their benefits such as better surface quality, longevity of tools, reduction of thermal damage to the workpiece and ease of machining.

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