In sawing machines cutting fluid is used. The main purpose of using these liquids is undoubtedly to extend the life of machinery and equipment by preventing metal to metal contact. Cutting fluids prevent teeth from getting stuck and breaking.

Properly selected cutting fluids increase efficiency when cutting metal materials and help to ensure smooth cutting. The burrs formed during the cutting process are removed from the surface thanks to this liquid.
Cutting fluids are also called coolant. In saws with cooling equipment, the high heat generated on the material is cooled by this liquid. Cutting fluids used in saws usually contain oils such as kerosene or boron oil. These oils reduce the friction that occurs when cutting metal and prevent unnecessary heating.

Since it will decrease over time, the amount of liquid in the machine should be checked routinely and the damaged liquid should be completely drained and a new one should be filled.

Features a Good Cutting Fluid Should Have

Cutting fluids are expected to have maximum penetration properties and provide the desired cooling thanks to their high thermal conductivity. Cutting fluids with high flash points do not pose a fire hazard. A quality cutting fluid does not produce a solid precipitate at normal operating temperature. Quality cutting fluids do not cause wear or discoloration of the work material. It does not cause skin irritation, contamination and does not contain chemicals that could harm the atmosphere. It has a fluidity that allows dripping from burrs.

Benefits of Using Cutting Fluid

The advantages of using cutting fluid can be summarized as follows:

Longer tool life:

Overheating damages the hardness and wear resistance of saw blades. For this reason, liquids that cool the cutting edge play a very important role in extending the life of cutting blades.

Better surface quality

The use of these oils prevents the saw from jamming and friction, ensuring a quality surface at the end of the process.

Economic Power Consumption

Cutting oils prevent friction and allow less power to be used. This brings with it energy savings.

Prevent Corrosion

Cutting oils help protect machined surfaces from rust and corrosion.

Prevent Burr

These liquids create a lubrication barrier and prevent the burrs formed during cutting from rubbing with the tools.

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The cooling process prevents dimensional distortion that may result from heat generation. In this way, the dimensions of the cut piece remain as desired.

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