When Should a Cold Saw Be Used?

A cold saw is a machine that uses a circular saw blade, designed to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Materials such as fiberglass and plastic are also suitable for processing on these machines. In the cold sawing machine, the heat generated during the process is removed from the cutting surface. The heat does not apply to the cut piece; transferred to burrs. Thus, the saw blade and the cut workpiece remain cold at the end of the process. Cutting fluid is used to achieve this.

In what situations is a cold saw used? Here are some criteria:

1- Size:

The most important criterion when choosing a cold saw is the size of the material to be cut. The radius of the circular saw blade limits the size of material the cold saw can cut. If you want to cut pipe and smaller materials, a cold saw is suitable. A band saw should be preferred for cutting larger structural materials.

2- Hardness of the Material:

There is a limit to the hardness of materials that can be cut with a cold saw. Hardnesses above 42 Rc are not suitable for cold saws. Band saw blades with different configurations can be used when cutting harder materials.

3- Kerf (notch)

The burr space, that is, the notch that the saw blade creates during cutting, is called "kerf". The thickness and design of the blade determines the kerf. Cold saws are well suited to cutting thick metal with a thick kerf. The kerf on most standard cold saws is 2.5-3 mm. In band saws, the kerf is a very small value, such as 42 thousandths of an inch. Therefore, band saws are more suitable for cutting thin metals with thin kerfs.

The kerf size is larger in cold saws, but; Production is faster compared to a band saw. In this case, cold saws are especially advantageous for high productions.

4- Sensitivity

If a smooth optimum result is desired, a cold saw should be chosen. Since burrs are removed from the surface, good results are obtained from cold saws in projects that require high surface precision.

5- Long Lifespan:

Cold saw blades can be sharpened and reused. Their longevity means savings in the long run.

Cold saws are preferred in sectors such as automotive, aviation, metalworking, construction, shipbuilding and electronics due to their advantages such as better surface finish, ability to cut thicker metals, faster cutting and longer life.

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