The material cut in cold cutting saws remains cold after the process. This result is achieved thanks to the cooling liquid. These types of saws have circular toothed blades and work on a vertical axis.

What materials can be cut with cold saws?

The advantage of this type of saw is that they can be used in many ways. Because it is possible to cut different materials thanks to the cold cutting saw. Soft metals such as aluminium, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous materials, can be cut with cold saws.

  • Ferrous metals can be cut with a cold saw.

Metals containing any amount of iron are called "ferrous metals". This group of metals has high carbon content. Carbon and alloy steel, cast iron and stainless steel fall into this group.

  • Non-ferrous metals can be cut with a cold saw

Non-ferrous metals do not contain any iron. Metals in this group are generally softer and have high machinability properties. Pipes can be made from these metals and they can also be used in jewellery. Aluminium, copper, lead, brass and glass fiber are also defined in this group.

Cold saws can cut both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but are especially good at cutting soft metals.

What size materials can be cut with a cold saw?

This type of saw is suitable for cutting thin and small materials and bundles of materials. For example, small pipes, tubes, and small diameter metal rods can be cut with precision with cold saws. This is a natural consequence of the large diameter of the saw blade and therefore the small working area. For large structural materials, band saws may be a better option.

Smooth Cutting with Cold Cutting Saw

One of the biggest advantages of cold cutting saws is that the cuts are precise and smooth. This is due to the gear blade working together with the liquid coolant lubricant. The heat generated during cutting is transferred to the chip formed during the cutting process. Meanwhile, the cooling liquid that comes into play cools both the blade and the material being cut and keeps them lubricated. As a result of this process, the cutting is done smoothly and cleanly.
Cold saws can be in different sizes and with different automation levels, which can be preferred according to need.