circular saws It is used in many sectors such as construction, handicrafts, plastic industry, aviation industry. Soft metals such as aluminium, plastics and hard materials such as ceramic tile can also be cut with a circular saw. The cut made with this saw takes place in a straight line. Although they are generally used in construction, demolition works and metal works, it is also possible to carry out DIY projects in workshops with portable ones.

The reason why so many different materials can be cut with circular saws is that different blades are used. Blades also vary depending on the hardness of the material. It is possible to divide knives into four main groups:

  • Blades used for cutting stone, concrete
  • Blades used for cutting metal
  • Blades used for cutting plastic materials such as PVC and rubber
  • Cutting Tiles and Brick with a Circular Saw
  • A circular saw is used to cut tiles and bricks. Special diamond circular saw blades are available for this.
  • When cutting tiles and bricks, as with other materials, the line to be cut is first marked and the cutting process is carried out.

Cutting Metal with a Circular Saw

Circular saws are suitable for cutting soft metals. Circular saws are most often used for corrugated roofing sheets, pipes made of aluminum, pipes made of thin sheet metal.
Steel pipes can also be cut with a circular saw. Specially designed diamond-tipped circular saws are used for this. HSS circular saws are needed for high-walled pipes and profiles.

Cutting Plastic and Fiberglass with a Circular Saw

Circular saws are suitable for cutting a wide range of plexiglass and polycarbonate sheets. Circular saws can be used for almost all types of plastic. The reason for this is that such materials are soft enough for the knife to penetrate. Only hard plastics are not suitable for cutting with a circular saw, as cracking and tearing may occur during cutting.
Plexiglass sheets, also called plastic glass, are fragile. Therefore, care should be taken when cutting such materials while supporting them.

Cutting Concrete and Masonry with a Circular Saw

Concrete or asphalt can be cut with circular saws using suitable blades. These saws are also used for decorative concrete cuts.

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