Today, hard materials are used in many sectors, from construction to mining. Due to the nature of the work, these hard materials need to be cut into specific forms. It is at this point diamond circular saws is needed. Because, to put it simply, a harder material is required to cut hard material. Made from high quality steel, the diamond saw has the potential to cut and grind other materials. To summarize, we can say that diamond circular saws are used to cut hard materials such as stone, steel, concrete, ceramics, tiles and asphalt.

As the name suggests, not only diamonds are used in the production of diamond saws. Since diamond is a rare and expensive mineral, these saws use a mixture of powdered metal and synthetic diamond particles.

Can you cut metal with a diamond circular saw?

diamond circular saw Metal can be cut with. The materials they cut also vary depending on the structure of the diamond-tipped cutting edges used in these saws. For example, the blades of diamond circular saws that cut concrete and asphalt are different. All of these knives are highly resistant, precise and durable. Additionally, other natural stones such as granite, slate, marble, tiles and paving stones can also be cut with diamond blades. It is necessary to choose the most suitable diameter and tooth form to cut materials such as aluminum, plexiglass, copper and brass with a diamond circular saw.

The two most commonly used types of diamond circular saw blades are CERMET and TUNGSTEN

  • CERMET(SERMET) Cold Cutting Saw Blades

CERMET is the name given to the mixture of ceramics and metal. These knives stand out with both their service life and cutting performance. These types of knives benefit from the high strength of metal and the heat resistance of ceramics. You can use Cermet type diamond circular saw blades when cutting light hard steel solid materials and pipes.

  • TUNGSTEN Carbide Tipped Diamond Circular Saw

The tungsten carbide cold tip type of diamond tipped saws are in the high performance circular saw class. These blades with special tooth geometry are designed to cut materials such as high carbon steel materials, stainless steels and mold steels. Thanks to its coating properties, it can cut steel bars much faster than a band saw.

In addition, these saws are widely used in the metallurgical industry and the automotive industry.

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