HSS circular saw blades are used for cutting at high temperature and speed. So what are the types? Here are the details:

OXY Series (HSS-DM05-1.3343)

The HSS-OXY saw blade has no coating on it. DIN 1.3343 steel, Tungsten Molybdenum mixture. It has high impact strength, abrasion and torsional resistance.

You can use the standard HSS-OXY on manual or semi-automatic cutting machines. OXY saws are suitable for cutting unalloyed or low-alloy steel materials.

TiAln Saw Blades (HSS-DM05)

The content of TiAln saw blades consists of Titanium, Aluminum and Nitrogen. It has a hardness of 3400 Vickers (HV), a coefficient of friction of 0.45, and an oxidation temperature of 800 °C.

Thanks to its low coefficient of friction, it gives good results even under minimum lubrication conditions. Solid materials and pipes, medium and high alloy steels with tensile strength up to 1100 N/mm², stainless steels and cast irons can be cut with TiAln saws.

TiCN Saw Blades (HSS-DM05)

It is a HSS saw blade type consisting of Titanium, Carbon and Nitrogen. It has a high hardness level between 3000-3500 HV. Coating Thickness is 1-4 micrometers.

Its friction coefficient is 0.22 due to the Carbon it contains. This feature makes TiCN saws suitable for cutting abrasive materials such as stainless steel and medium alloy steel with a hardness rating of up to 800 N/mm². Thanks to the low coefficient of friction, chip formation on the cutting edge is significantly reduced.

It is also suitable for cutting aluminum and copper alloys and aerospace alloys.

Tin Series (HSS-DMO5)

It is a Titanium Nitrogen coated saw. Surface hardness is between 2200-2400 HV. The friction coefficient is 0.45.
It is used for cutting low and medium alloy steels, profiles, steel and plastic components. Tin saws are frequently preferred in the biomedical industry.

It should always be used with plenty of lubrication. Tin saws are not suitable for cutting Copper, Brass and Bronze.

Vapo Series (HSS- DM05)

Vapo saws produced for general use have an iron oxide layer that improves the glide between the saw surface and the material. Suitable for non-ferrous low alloy metals. Relatively less hard materials and structural steels with a hardness of 500-800 N/mm² can be cut with Vapo Series saws. The friction coefficient is 0.65.

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