metal cutting Skilled workmanship, experience and precision are very important in the process. A quality saw blade should be chosen. The quality of the saw blade determines the quality of the cut and is important for safety.

Important points that users should pay attention to when cutting with a metal cutting saw can be summarized as follows:

1-Safety Precautions to be Taken

Safety is always the first priority when cutting metal. Personal protective equipment must be used.

Protective Gloves

Gloves chosen for metal cutting must fit the hand snugly and comfortably. Wearing gloves during the cutting process protects hands from friction, heat and vibration.


Protective goggles ensure clarity of vision while cutting and protect the eyes from splashing burrs.


Using a plug protects the user from noise and the risk of hearing loss in the long term, especially during long-term cutting operations.

Protective Shoes

Shoes with steel toes or reinforcements protect the feet from damage caused by burrs and pieces falling during the cutting process.

Protective Clothing

The fitted overalls with long sleeves and long legs help protect the body from hot sparks and metal shavings.

2-Choosing the Saw Blade Correctly

There are different types of saw blades for metals such as iron, steel, copper, aluminum. Choosing the saw blade according to the characteristics of the material to be cut ensures that the process is carried out smoothly and the blade has a long life.

In order not to use the wrong blade, the thickness of the material to be cut should be examined beforehand. Generally, the blade depth should not exceed ¼ of the thickness of the metal to be cut. Diamond blades with high tooth numbers are used when cutting thin metals. To cut thicker materials, blades with fewer teeth are needed.

3-Precautions to be Taken in the Work Area

The floor must be clean in the workshop where metal cutting is performed.

Particles, metal chips and burrs released during metal cutting can jump up to several meters away as they are thrown out with great force. In fact, burrs from reactive metals can be flammable. Therefore, people who are not wearing safety clothing should not be in the environment during the slaughter.

Burrs occurring after cutting should be cleaned immediately and contact with electrical machines should be prevented.

Make sure the machine is unplugged when changing the saw blade or making adjustments.

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