HSS circular sawsIt is designed to cut various metals such as carbon steels, thin-walled steel pipes and non-alloy steels at high speed with its serrated cold blades. As a result of the cuts made with HSS circular saws, also called cold saws, both the saw blade and the cut material remain cold. To achieve this, the heat generated is transferred to the resulting metal burrs. HSS circular saw machines
It is safe to use and versatile.

In general, cold saw blades on HSS circular saw machines cut workpieces with high stock removal rates ranging from 0.025 to 0.08 mm/tooth. The SFM (surface feet per minute) of the saw blade today can reach up to 5000, which means 25 meters per second.

Two types of blades are used in circular saws: HSS (high-speed steel cutting blade) and TCT (tungsten carbide tipped). HSS blades have a slower rotation speed and higher stock removal capacity than TCTs.

Steps to Cut Metal with HSS Circular Saw

  • As personal protective measures, a face shield, protective gloves and long-sleeved clothing should be worn to protect against hot and sharp metal burrs that will fly from the blade at high speed.
  • In order to cut metal efficiently, it is first necessary to choose the right saw blade to be used.
  • The metal workpiece to be cut should be fixed with the help of a vise or clamp, and make sure that it does not move during cutting.
  • Before metal cutting, the workpiece must be marked. The marking process serves as a guide for a clean cutting process.
  • Before connecting the HSS circular saw to the power supply, it must be ensured that all connection parts are correctly aligned and the settings of the saw must be checked. The cutting depth of the blade should not be set to exceed 6 millimeters (1/4 inch) of the metal thickness. If it is set too deep, there is a risk of the blade getting stuck.
  • After all precautions have been taken, you can start the saw. During cutting, a slow and controlled movement should be made, the saw should be kept stationary and should not be tilted. You should not force the knife. The saw blade should be slowly slid into the metal workpiece to be cut.
  • Cutting fluid should be applied to reduce heat and friction during the cutting process. Cutting fluid is also essential for a cleaner cutting process.
  • After the cutting process is completed, the saw should be turned off and the blade should be stopped completely, then the cut piece should be removed from the vise.

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