There are many types of saws used in cutting.

Band Saws

It is a type of saw frequently used in workshops. The working principle is a band saw blade and two pulleys. The strip rotating on the pulley plunges into the piece to be cut, thanks to hydraulic power, and performs the cutting process. Vertical band saws are called "jigsaws". In this type, the vertical saw moves up and down, allowing the material to be cut. A vertical saw is used especially for cutting small pieces.

In these saws, a special liquid called cutting fluid, usually produced from kerosene or boron oil, is used to prevent the teeth from jamming and breaking. Especially in metal cutting, cooling equipment and cooling liquid are used to cool the cut material.

Materials such as stainless steel, galvanized pipe, angle iron, aluminum, brass, plastic and mild steel are cut with band saws.

Circular Saws

Also called "tray saw", it is the type of saw that is frequently used by builders and carpenters. As its name suggests, it consists of a circular saw tip connected to an electric motor and a connected body. The saw blade, which rotates at high speed, is pressed on the material to be cut. There is no coolant in these types of saws.
It is a saw that is used by attaching special blades for concrete slabs, plastic panels, metals, concrete and other hard materials.

These versatile saws are available in table-mounted or hand-held portable models. The small wireless ones are used for simple indoor tasks. Cordless circular saws are used in jobs where there is a danger of cables tripping. The ones on the bench are cabled and in these models, the saw is fixed and the material is mobile.

Friction Saws (CRV)

The word meaning of friction is defined as applying pressure, rubbing, rubbing, friction. Friction saws are high-speed circular saws that utilize friction heat. This heat melts the metal, allowing the cutting process to be carried out quickly. These saws are designed to cut the toughest materials at high speed.

Steel pipes, profiles, angles and beams are cut with these saws. Since heat is generated during cutting, pressurized cooling is applied. Cutting can be done at temperatures above 750 degrees with hot cutting knives with long tooth pitch. Cutting is done below 250 degrees with cold cutting knives.

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