circular saws These are machines that enable precise and clean cuts with different materials. The cutting process with a circular saw can be briefly summarized as follows:

Adjusting the saw blade at the appropriate angle and depth to align the material and gently guide the blade on the pre-drawn measuring line.,

Before starting the cutting process, it is important to recognize the characteristics of the material and design to be processed and to wear appropriate gloves and goggles as a safety precaution. If cutting will be done for a long time, headphones may also be required. A dust mask should be used to protect against dust and burrs that will appear during cutting. Close-fitting clothing should be worn to prevent entanglement in the moving blade.

1- The material to be cut is measured and marked

Marking and drawing the area to be cut beforehand helps guide the blade as it works. Circular saws are mostly used for short, straight cuts.

2- The material is placed on the saw bench

The material should be placed on the saw bench properly and balanced, and it should be checked that there are no obstacles underneath. In this way, the working surface is not damaged while the blade passes through the material. It is important to have a solid work surface for cutting.

3- The blade is adjusted to the desired working depth

Adjusting the blade depth correctly ensures cleaner cuts and reduces friction. In this way, the wear of the blade teeth is prevented and the material is cut smoothly.

4- Saw blade angle is adjusted for inclined cuts

The saw blade angle is adjusted thanks to the rotary scale. Once the angle is set, the scale should be locked. Otherwise, the balance of the blade may be disturbed during cutting. It is possible to capture accurate contours in different shapes by changing the angle of the blade.

Points to Consider When Using a Circular Saw

circular saw The person who will use it must be experienced. When moving the cut material by hand, hands should be kept far enough away from the saw. When the cut material reaches the breaking point, it should be prevented from being thrown away. Screening should be done to prevent the burrs formed during the cutting process from splashing.

Cutting faster than normal will damage the teeth of the circular saw and may even cause the teeth to break. Working with a saw with missing teeth poses the risk of the piece being cut being thrown away. If there are broken teeth, the saw blade must be replaced. There should be no flammable materials such as paper or oakum around while cutting.

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