circle saw Can iron be cut with it? To answer the question, it is useful to examine the types of circular saws. Circular saws can be divided into two categories, diamond circular saws and HSS circular saws, depending on the structure of the cutting discs. 


CERMET Tipped Circular Saws

In this type of circular saws, ceramic and metal mixture saw blades are used to benefit from the heat resistance of ceramics and the strength of metal. These types of circular saws are suitable for cutting low and medium alloy steels. 

TUNGSTEN Carbide Tipped Circular Saws

Circular saws using coated Tungsten tips are designed for cutting steel materials with a high carbon content. These saws are very strong and have high wear resistance. Especially steel pipes are cut with such saws.


HSS, which is the abbreviation of the English words High Speed Steel, is translated into our language as "High Speed Steel". HSS Circular Saws are a type of circular saw that can cut under high cutting temperature and friction conditions, as they work integrated with cooling water. 

HSS Circular saws are designed for cutting high-wall pipes and profiles. 

  • TiAln Tip Circular Saw

These saws, which have titanium and aluminum nitride coated blades, are resistant to high heat and oxidation. It is suitable for cutting medium and high alloy steel materials as well as stainless steel materials.

  • Tin Tip Circular Saw

This circular saw tip with titanium nitride tip has high hardness and high oxidation temperature. Therefore, it is suitable for general use, especially low and medium alloyed steels.

  • HSS- Oxy Circular Saw

It is a type of circular saw with a standard tip without a special coating. Low alloy or unalloyed steel materials can be cut with the HSS-Oxy saw. 

  • TiCN Tipped Circular Saw

With this saw, whose coating consists of titanium-carbon and nitride, stainless steels, alloys used in aviation, copper and aluminum materials can be cut.

  • Vapo Tip Circular Saw

These saws, whose tip is made of iron oxide, have a hard and tough structure. This saw can cut non-ferrous metals and low-alloy soft materials.

As can be seen from the circular saw features above, none of them are suitable for cutting iron. Specially produced hacksaws (Hacksaw) should be used to cut iron.  

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