KENTAI High Speed Circular Saw Machine KTC-70/100EH

Standard Features

• Environment Dry and Clean in Cutting
• Bulk cutting requirement
• Exceptional Cutting Ability



• The motion control system uses a progressive servo position control unit. High capacity user-friendly interface design ensures lossless communication with built-in perfect modular set device, automatic error detection function, self-diagnosis function.
• It has a 8.4″ color LCD high-resolution screen, just touch the screen and touch characters to view or enter data. It has user-friendly interface and shows various function settings, error report, working status.
• It is combined with a central control panel that allows the machine to easily recognize and operate all its features in the shortest training time.
• Saw feed is designed with Pivot-Arm type, then driven by AC servo motor and Ball screw.
• GFC loading system is driven by AC servo motor working together with ball screw, automatically compensating the backlash and also offering reliable precision of repeated positioning.
• It allows you to achieve low losses in cutting by connecting a thin TCT carbide tipped saw blade with a tooth thickness of up to 2 mm.
• Micro lubrication and cooling system works synchronously with cutting. It meets the dry and clean requirements of the working environment, reduces oil consumption, extends the life of the circular saw and reduces pollution.
• Faulty and correction cut parts are automatically thrown in separate directions and defect-free material is collected.

General features

PLC Modular Unit
CNC Controlled with POD (Programmable Operation Screen)
8.4″ color high resolution Touch Sensing Screen

Real-time monitoring
• Instant Cutting speed detection.
• Instant cutting quantities
• Overcurrent control automatically detects that the saw is dull and automatically stops the cutting without damaging the material and the machine.

maintenance record
• Automatically reminds maintenance times.
• Automatically reminds you of parts replacement times.

Servo Feed Saw Head
• Accurate, smooth cuts and low vibration.
• The saw automatically returns to real parameter values in fast material up to the contact points with the material, reducing the time spent outside cutting.
• Cutoff time detection and calculation.

Pipe Cutting
• Special pipe cutting program.
• More accurate and faster cutting with 3 cutting speeds during pipe cutting.

Saw Setting/Cutting Point
• Easy adjustment of saw and material.
• The system automatically measures the material contact point and positions it according to the input setting values.

Multiple Lengths
• No cost of losing parts with long residual parts. Up to 20mm drop in remaining parts.
• Cutting in the most efficient quantity thanks to automatic programming of 5 different length cuts on the same diameter material.