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Redefining Precision and Sustainability: WERTE Cutting Technologies Revolutionizes the Turkish Cutting Machinery Industry with Leading MQL Systems
 WERTE Cutting Technologies, a leading force in the metal cutting technology industry, has set a new standard in precision, performance and sustainability in the Turkish cutting machinery industry with its game-changing technology in Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) systems.

MQL technology has emerged as a breakthrough solution that not only improves cutting performance but also significantly reduces environmental impact. WERTE Cutting Technologies has taken this innovation to new levels with its MQL systems, making it the preferred choice for the industry's leading manufacturers.

Why Choose WERTE's MQL Systems:

  • Unmatched Precision: WERTE's MQL systems deliver precision lubrication directly to the cutting zone, reducing friction and wear while optimizing tool life and surface quality.
  • Improved Performance: Our MQL systems increase cutting speeds and feeds, resulting in higher productivity and reduced downtime, leading to cost savings.

  • Sustainability Champion: WERTE attaches importance to sustainability. Our MQL systems reduce lubricant consumption, minimize waste and promote a greener and cleaner production environment.

The Brand Trusted by Leading Manufacturers:

WERTE's MQL systems have gained the trust of Turkey's leading cutting machine manufacturers such as Karmetal, Bekamak, İleri Teknik and Temelsan. These industry leaders have chosen WERTE's MQL systems to maintain their competitive advantage and improve their cutting processes.

“We are excited to collaborate with reputable manufacturers such as Karmetal, Bekamak, İleri Teknik and Temelsan,” says Gökhan Gökalan, CEO of WERTE Cutting Technologies. “Our MQL systems represent a paradigm shift in precision cutting, and this collaboration draws industry attention to our commitment to excellence.”

Visit Us at EMO Show 2023:

To experience WERTE's latest MQL systems closely, visit Karmetal-İleri Teknik and Temelsan stands at the EMO Show 2023 event. Our technical and sales teams will also be at the EMO show all week and will have the opportunity to chat with you. Observe how our MQL systems are transforming the cutting machinery industry and discover the benefits they bring to precision cutting processes.

For questions, demonstrations and collaboration opportunities, please contact Contact us.

About WERTE Cutting Technologies:

WERTE Cutting Technologies is a leading innovator in the metal cutting technology industry, providing solutions that redefine precision and performance. With a commitment to sustainability and excellence, WERTE enables industries to achieve unprecedented efficiency and quality in their cutting processes.