Slitting knives are a type of industrial knife with sharp edges and no teeth. Such as paper, fabric, film, foil
Material manufacturers frequently use this type of industrial blade. Slitting due to incorrect adjustment and assembly
The lifespan of the blades is shortened. When used without adjustment, slicing quality decreases and material
They produce burrs and cutting dust. So what do you do to use slicing knives safely?
must do?

1- Install the slitting knife
First, wipe the anti-rust oil on the top layer of the slitting blade. Place the upper blade on the lower blade
place it. While doing this, insert the slots of the upper blade into the open parts of the rings on the lower blade.
place it. Then fix the upper blade using the cutting blade spacer. While doing this
You should take safety precautions to protect your hand from the sharp edge. In the final stage, lower and upper slitting
You can complete the assembly by tightening the fixing ring between the blades.

2- Adjust the slicing knife correctly
When installing a new blade or sharpening and reinserting an old blade, adjust the height of the blade bed.
must be adjusted. You must manually adjust the height according to the cutting amount of the blades. This
If the adjustment is not made, deeper cuts and even accidents may occur due to the blade remaining high.
may occur.

The steps of manual adjustment can be summarized as follows:

  • Determine the cutting depth of the blades
    Use a socket wrench to turn the nut on the end of the pulley. Set the blade bed to the lowest
    point and observe whether the cutting depth of the blades is normal. Normally this
    depth 0.5-1 mm. It should be between . If only one end of the blades is in contact with each other, the main
    The camshaft on the back of the frame is adjustable.
  • Put the machine in cutting tool changing state
    To do this, stop the main engine by pressing the main engine stop button. Static of main engine
    Confirm that it is in position. Then switch the cutting tool selection switch to the middle position, i.e. “cutting
    Set the tool to the "change" position. Please note that you must be very careful during these adjustment operations. Accidentally pressing the button
    should not be pressed or moved. Do not place the adjuster's arm on the blade bed or the paper press.
    Attaching and adjusting the slitting blades by paying attention to the above points will also increase the efficiency of production.
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