Cutting fluids are fluids used in metal cutting processes. The main purpose of using cutting fluid is to prevent the heat generated during the cutting process and to reduce the friction between the cutting tool and the material being cut. These fluids, which cool both the cutting tool and the cut workpiece, also perform the lubrication function that helps smooth the surface quality. 

A lot of heat is released in the metal cutting process, so using cutting fluid becomes mandatory. 

Five features that cutting fluids should have also summarize the benefits of these fluids:

High heat absorption capacity:  

Thanks to this feature of cutting fluids, the temperature is controlled during cutting. This prevents damage caused by high temperatures by using cutting fluid / oil.

High flash point:

The high flash point of cutting fluids reduces the risk of fire, making the cutting process safer.


The fact that cutting fluids are not corrosive means that the cutting device and equipment do not wear out. Thus, the long life of the devices and equipment used is ensured. 

Good lubrication property:

The good lubrication feature in cutting fluids reduces the friction force during the cutting process. Thanks to its lubrication feature, power consumption is also reduced. These two results are very important for metal cutting operations.

Stability feature

Cutting fluids do not oxidize and decompose easily when left outdoors. This feature is also important for the safety of the cutting process. 

Cutting fluids are commonly used as coolants, lubricants and flushing fluids. 

Benefits of Cutting Fluids

To summarize;

  1. Cutting fluids absorb heat during metal cutting, preventing damage to both the workpiece and the equipment.
  2. It removes burrs and chips formed during cutting. In this way, it contributes to the improvement of surface quality.
  3. It prevents wear of cutting machines.
  4. It helps improve the movement of the cutter by lubricating the cutting tool and the workpiece.
  5. Cutting fluids provide versatile contributions to the metal cutting process as COOLING, LUBRICANT and WASHING fluids. 

Considering all these benefits, care should be taken when choosing cutting fluids, and high quality fluids should be selected to provide optimum benefit.